Defense Strategies That Work in a Basketball Game

Having good defense strategies is also just as important as having all the other aspects that are positive contributing factors to ensuring certain victory. When it comes to defense strategies for basketball, there are quite a few to choose from and master.

Have A Useful Defensive Strategy

The following are some of the most popular defense strategies, often used for the better play and higher scoring shot possibilities:

  • As much as possible, all the opponent’s shots should be contested. However, to avoid the danger of a foul being called, the individual would need to ensure the proper way to contest the shot is exercised, and this would include staying on the feet positioned facing the shooter until the shooter is airborne, and then attempt to get a hold of the ball.
  • It is often possible to read the body movements before they are executed. This would be a good advantage to master, as the individual would be able to read the probable shots and movements before hand and counter these movements advantageously. This can be done by observing the dribbler’s midsection, as any movements will be initially dictated by the changes in this area.
  • There is also the art of forcing the offense either right or left and this can be effectively done with a few simple moves. By placing the left foot forward, about a foot away from the offense, you dictate the movement of the offense, which would have to be in the opposite direction in order to avoid being tripped. This gives the individual valuable insight as to the next movement of the opponent.
  • On the ball defense is also another effective move to master. By keeping between the opponent and the scoring basket, the individual will be able to guard the ball from successfully reaching the net. Here again, observation of the midsection will help the individual read into the possible next movement of the opponent and counter act on it.

Winning The Game With Rebounding

Being able to maintain some level of consistency of ball possession will help in creating higher percentages of being able to score more goals. Therefore, it would be in the best interest of the team to ensure that they are in the position to have more opportunities to take more shots.

Effective Rebounding

The following are some reasons why rebounding has a significantly profound effect on the game and winning:

  • The more obvious reason would be that it gives the team more chances to take shots and less for the opposing team to score. This is because the team will get a chance to take an extra shot which could win them 3 points and keep the ball away from the opposing team.
  • Excellent rebounding will in fact provide the team with considerably higher chances of shooting percentages. Being in the put-backs from close in position usually constitutes higher percentages of the shot actually going into the net. It can also facilitate a defensive rebound ending in a good outlet pass and a fast breaking score, while the opposing team is still getting its wits together.
  • The rebounds can also be worked to cause the opposing team to run in to trouble with more fouls. This is especially caused by the defensive plays they would have to use. Excellent rebounding will also get the team more free throws in line.
  • Being able to harness more rebounding possibilities will also mean the team is able to have some good maneuver moves that will ensure the ball in play is within their favor. This is ideal for the defensive end of the court. However all these would require some level of focused practice to ensure the rebounding does not eventually work against the team instead.

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